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Mario Pagotto

30 May 2020 Comments Off on Watch Mario Pagotto’s ‘Theós’ & ‘Nell’aere Inferno # 5’ Views: 551 CE News

Watch Mario Pagotto’s ‘Theós’ & ‘Nell’aere Inferno # 5’

It is with great pleasure that we share the video of the premiere of Mario Pagotto’s Theós – Cantata spirituale in November 2019 with Francesca Paola Geretto e Nataša Trček – soprani, Giulio Raffin – voce recitante, and Virtuoso Soloists of New York.

Drawing on a range of mystical and religious texts from from Ecclesiastes to Dante Alighieri’s Paradise Theós is a spiritual journey, a search for a path among the many possible.

Theós is a commission from the 28th edition of Festival di Musica Sacra FVG and was premiered at Duomo Concattedrale di San Marco, Pordenone, Italy.

We are also delighted to share this exclusive video of Mario Pagotto’s ballet Nell’aere Inferno # 5. Here we have men, women and flocks of shadows that disperse quickly. Like the two lovers that Dante made immortal in the fifth canto of Hell, the dancers are overwhelmed in the storm orchestrated by Mario Pagotto with the choreography of Michela Lucenti. The most dramatic of the Canti of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The most erotic. The most controversial. And the most famous. What seems easy, but it is not. Some of his verses, among Dante’s best known, have become daily, popular aphorisms. We are passionate about this reading, as if it were today we saw the secret loves flow before our eyes, the impossible loves, the unexpected loves, which still characterize our society today. Who will love who? and why?

Pagotto’s music for Nell’aere Inferno # 5 intersects with the narrated events, supported by the choreography of Lucenti, in a continuous musical structure, characterized by recurring themes that sometimes take on a ‘hellish’ drama, other times it ensnares and kidnaps us with pure and persuasive melodic lines.

Composers Edition is proud to publish Mario Pagotto’s works, which are available for purchase through our website.

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