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New Gates Trio
New Gates Trio

31 August 2020 Comments Off on Watch James Erber ‘Conclusio’ Tiny Piece with New Gates Trio Views: 32 CE News

Watch James Erber ‘Conclusio’ Tiny Piece with New Gates Trio

James Erber has written Conclusio, a tiny (30′) piece for flute, viola and harp for the Paris-based New Gates Trio. Here below is the video of the premiere of this piece, posted as the 28th work of their Sonic Postcards project.

Each of the short pieces reflect a mood, a state of soul related to what we are currently go through. All are broadcast regularly on social media and a real concert will bring all the works together as soon as possible.

Composers Edition is proud to publish James Erber’s music and look forward to adding Conclusio to our catalogue shortly.

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