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30 September 2020 Comments Off on Watch Ian Stephens New Work – ‘For the Future’ Views: 214 CE News

Watch Ian Stephens New Work – ‘For the Future’

In May, Ian Stephens composed a 4-minute piece for choir and orchestra for the wide circle of people associated with Pigotts Music Camp in Buckinghamshire. This is a very special place for Ian… Mandy and him met, and then married there in 2000. Nowadays, Ian, Mandy and their daughters are regular participants in its musical activities.

We’ve greatly missed our summer music there, and I wrote this piece as something that could enable as many people as possible to take part, and to create something of the feeling of musical joint enterprise that has been so lacking this past few months. More than 150 people contributed, in the now-familiar lockdown fashion of recording at home to a click-track. I am so grateful to my Music Camp friends Danyal Dhondy and Charlotte Hill for taking on the huge task of mixing and editing the audio and video.

We at Composers Edition are delighted to share this video of Ian Stephens’ For the Future, and we look forward to publishing the score in due course.

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