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29 June 2021 Comments Off on Watch Bushra El-Turk ‘Saffron Dust’ with the Adelphi Quartet Views: 241 CE News

Watch Bushra El-Turk ‘Saffron Dust’ with the Adelphi Quartet

Bushra El Turk
Bushra El Turk

YCAT (Young Concert Artists Trust) in partnership with The Cosman Keller Art and Music Trust commissioned Bushra El-Turk to write a string quartet for one of their YCAT Hans Keller Trust Artists, the Adelphi Quartet which was premiered at the Wigmore Hall in May 2021.

This piece is dedicated to the victims and the families of those who lost their loved ones in the Beirut non-Atomic bomb explosion of 4th August 2020 where over 200 lives were lost and over 7000 of those injured and lost their homes. My recent trip to Beirut in March 2021, seeing the ruins and destruction for myself and hearing the stories of those who had just survived it by seconds, brought those feelings back. After writing this piece I preyed through the poetry of Mahmoud Darwish, which has become a habit, to find the words that match the feelings of the grief I felt during that time in order to title this piece.

Bushra El-Turk

You can now watch the full video of this piece:

Composers Edition is proud to present a catalogue of Bushra El-Turk’s works readily available for perusal and purchase, to which Saffron Dust will be added in due course.

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