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24 April 2022 Comments Off on Vic Hoyland’s 75th Birthday Concert Review in Tempo Views: 242 CE News

Vic Hoyland’s 75th Birthday Concert Review in Tempo

Tempo has published Richard Powell’s review of Vic Hoyland’s 75th Birthday Concert last September in York.

While an atmosphere of reconnection has inevitably surrounded many recent concert experiences, the sense of reunion in the sixteenth-century surroundings of St Michael le Belfrey – in the shadow of York Minster – on this early autumn evening was more tangible than usual. Friends, colleagues and followers of Vic Hoyland were that night finally able to gather, nearly a year later than originally planned, to celebrate the 75th birthday of a composer who has spent more than five decades of his life carving a distinctive path through the British music scene.

Richard Powell

The programme of this historical concert featured works by Debussy and two premieres of Vic’s recent compositions: an arrangement of a Sicilian folk song E Si Fussi Pisci and a work for 11 performers called For Derek John Benton; because: “Found Objects”, performed by Chamber Made conducted by Ben Palmer.

The arrangement of E Si Fussi Pisci and For Derek John Benton; because: “Found Objects” are proudly available for perusal and purchase through Composers Edition website, as well as other works by Vic Hoyland.

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