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Vic Hoyland: upcoming performances

Vic Hoyland’s “The Attraction of Opposites” will receive its Italian premiere on Sunday 25th September 2016, performed by Paquito Ernesto Chiti and Henry Brown at the Auditorium Prima Materia, San Quirico in Colina, Montespertoli near Florence.

The masterpiece for two pianos was originally written for the Bugallo-Williams piano duo who gave its premiere in Birmingham in 2006 and continue to perform this challenging work to this day. As Vic himself notes: “They are Americans and I’m a European. The work explores something of the attractions or otherwise of our shared history in new music. A performance by new players, and in Italy, has allowed me to update the printed score for Composers Edition and represent some of the more challenging passages. This editing is work still in progress.”

Vic Hoyland’s work will continue to resonate the old continent beyond September, too: Heloise Ph. Palmer takes on tour his collection of piano miniatures “This One for Joan”. With its first performance in Riga and further appearances in Stuttgart, Berlin and beyond, Heloise Ph. Palmer will be performing Nos 4, 7 and 11 of the so far incomplete set. “There are 13 pieces in Volume 1 plus just 1 of a further 8 planned for part 2. Now that I have restored a 1500s barn to be my music room, and a new piano arrives today, I can complete the project,” says the Yorkshire-born composer who divides his time between UK and Sicily. More information on the performances on this link.


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