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Zev Gordon at Cheltenham Festival with Ligeti Quartet Premiere

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Tabea Zimmermann Premieres Charlotte Bray Aix-en-Provence Festival Commission

Richard Bullen Steridian
Richard Bullen Steridian

2 July 2018 Comments Off on US World Premiere for Bullen’s Steradian Views: 903 CE News

US World Premiere for Bullen’s Steradian

Richard Bullen Steradian a spatial drama for 12 trombones, 12 torch beams and dark space

Richard Bullen Steradian

Richard Bullen’s Steradian for 12 Trombones, 12 torch beams and dark space is to receive its premiere live performance at the 2018 International Trombone Festival in the US city of Iowa on Saturday 14th July.

Steradian examines the relationship between sound, light, space, choreography and theatre/ritual as well as the unique musical and physical characteristics of the trombone.

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Here’s a video of a Steradian being recorded at the Royal Academy of Music in 2014:

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