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Robin Robin by Liz Lane, drawing by Caz Chandler
Robin Robin by Liz Lane, drawing by Caz Chandler

31 January 2018 Comments Off on US Premiere for Liz Lane’s Robin, Robin Views: 1249 CE News

US Premiere for Liz Lane’s Robin, Robin

Liz Lane’s Robin, Robin for euphonium and piano received its US premiere on Saturday 3 February.  It was performed by John Storey of the Band of the Royal Logistic Corp at 3pm Eastern Time Zone and streamed live (BST 8pm):

Robin Robin was first performed by David Thornton in Malta and the UK last year, accompanied by Ruth Webb and was especially adapted for Thornton from the song of the same name , originally recorded by Belinda Evans (soprano) with Stephen Marquiss (piano ) to help raise funds for Yeovil Hospital’s Flying Colours Appeal.

Liz Lane Robin, Robin

Liz Lane Robin, Robin

Words written by Jennifer Henderson trace a robin’s journey through the seasons: Spring – ‘fearless and bold’, Summer – ‘a bird with attitude’ through to Autumn – ‘ when other birds fly aw ay, you’re loyal’. The robin’s song can be heard throughout in short interludes on the euphonium , finishing with Winter – ‘ what d o I care if the ground is hard? I’ll be tweeting my greeting from a Christmas card ’ .

The illustration featured here and in the score is by artist Caz Chandler, see Facebook page DrawingsByCaz.

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