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30 November 2020 Comments Off on Upcoming: Odaline de la Martinez Flute & Piano Recording plus Florence Price New Album Views: 274 CE News

Upcoming: Odaline de la Martinez Flute & Piano Recording plus Florence Price New Album

Rowland Sutherland. Photo: Nicola Spenser

Odaline de la Martinez’s A Moment’s Madness will be recorded at the University of Surrey PATS Studio on the 20th December, with flautist Rowland Sutherland and the composer herself inside the piano.

The work will be part of a CD of Odaline’s music to be released at some point in 2021/22 on the LORELT label.

A Moment’s Madness was recently performed by Nuevo Ensemble de Segovia (neSg) in Spain – Bilboao and Madrid. It was written for Lyn McLarin and premiered by her and the pianist Jonathan Rutherford at the Carnegie Recital Hall in New York City in 1977. The New York Times review said:

Of the new music, the most immediately attractive was the Martinez—an often improvisatory, overtly coloristic work that had Mr. Rutherford grouping about inside the piano, plucking and strumming, while Miss McLarin fluttered about brilliantly…. entirely pleasant and characterful.

A Moment’s Madness consists of three movements.The first titled Cadenza begins with a rhythmic Cuban-style riff inside the piano that sets up the atmosphere for the virtuosic flute passages that follow. The second movement titled Solo is just that. It consists of slow-moving flute melodies that bring out the coloristic qualities of the instrument using, for example, slow changes in pitch, quarter tones, and singing into the flute. The last movement has no title, but it plays with the idea of on and off synchronisation between the piano and the flute. 

A Moment’s Madness is proudly available through Composers Edition website alongside other works by Odaline de la Martinez.

A Moment’s Madness in Bilbao

We are also pleased to share the news that this month LORELT – Lontano Records (of which Odaline de la Martinez is founder and artistic director) will be recording an album of piano music by Florence Price. The album will feature pianist Samantha Ege performing works that have not been recorded before and works that were believed lost.

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