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29 May 2021 Comments Off on TRIOS & QUARTETS YouTube Playlist Views: 230 CE News

TRIOS & QUARTETS YouTube Playlist

It is really so nice to see musicians being able to gradually return to playing together after a year of pandemic distancing.

We know that there is still lots to go with so many places still in a difficult situation in terms of control of the pandemic. But we are full of hope that we will get over this crisis and be making music together, in person, soon.

To celebrate the return to chamber music, we curated a YouTube Playlist with Trios & Quartets written by our composers.

Enjoy and do get ready to playing with your peers with the scores in our website!

Works by LynnePlowman, Christopher Fox, John Palmer, Kevin Malone, Gustavo Díaz-Jerez, Emily Doolittle, Liz Lane, Brian Inglis, Paul Archbold, Richard Whalley, Charlotte Bray, Robert Peate, Linda Catlin-Smith, Colin Rily, Prach Boodisckulchok, Ion Marmarinos, Jack Van Zandt, Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson and Robert Fokkens.

And an extra video by Tonia Ko.

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