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“El Oro de los Tigres” recording session for the Hear Now Festival, Woodland Hills, California, August 29, 2021. From left: Brian Walsh, clarinet ; Kirsten Wiest, soprano; composer Jack Van Zandt; Alison Bjorkedal, harp; Cecilia Tsan, cello; conductor Anthony Parnther.

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23 September 2021 Comments Off on Tonia Ko & Zachary Good ‘Up High’ for Bubble Wrap, Clarinets & Recorders Views: 97 CE News

Tonia Ko & Zachary Good ‘Up High’ for Bubble Wrap, Clarinets & Recorders

The World premiere of Up High by Tonia Ko and Zachary Good, a commission by Ear Taxi Festival will take place on Saturday 2 October. The concert takes place at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, Chicago at 6pm (Central Time), featuring:

Tonia Ko, bubble wrap
Zachary Good, clarinets/recorders
Zach Moore, lights and sound
Lia Kohl, costumes

Up High is an immersive experience that investigates the harrowing yet ultimately cathartic journey of facing one’s fears. As two artists with unchecked acrophobia and wide-ranging interests, they combine their love of free improvisation, theatricality, and form to create a multi-sensory take on the musical duet. It features Good’s virtuosic performances on contrabass clarinet/ recorder and Ko’s iconic transformation of bubble wrap into a sound object. This unique event also involves the collaborative efforts of two noted Chicago-based artists: Zach Moore (sound/light) and Lia Kohl (costumes). Through Up High the audience is gently led through some uncomfortable questions: Why are we so afraid? Who can we trust to share our darkest fears with? What pushes us to seek out danger despite the physical and emotional risks?

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