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28 April 2021 Comments Off on Thomas Hyde ‘Vera Stravinsky, Pudding Destroyer’ Views: 262 CE News

Thomas Hyde ‘Vera Stravinsky, Pudding Destroyer’

Thomas Hyde

Thomas Hyde’s new miniature for solo trombone Vera Stravinsky, Pudding Destroyer was premiered by Hannah Stell in a live stream from the Royal Academy of Music on 23 April. This work was commissioned as part of the 200 Pieces project to celebrate the bicentenary of the Royal Academy of Music.

Vera Stravinsky, Pudding Destroyer captures in mood and melody the moment Igor’s wife threw a chocolate pudding down the toilet following a mistaken identification on issues of health and hygiene in W.H.Auden’s apartment. It lasts just under 2 minutes which is quite long enough to convey the shock of puddingcide. It is a work of solidarity with all those who have suffered injustice at a dinner table between the main course and coffee/mints.

You can still watch the concert on the Royal Academy of Music’s YouTube channel.

Vera Stravinsky, Pudding Destroyer will be available through Composers Edition in due course.

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