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The New Oboe Collection Launches!

To celebrate 9 months since the New Oboe Music Project was started, we have some exciting news…

The New Oboe Music Project and Composers Edition are very pleased to announce the creation of a special collection of oboe music. Set up in 2015 by English oboist, James Turnbull, the New Oboe Music Project aims to promote existing new music for the oboe and encourage more composers to write for the instrument. As part of the partnership with Composers Edition, prize winners from the Léon Goossens Prize will be published as well as selected composers who are featured in the Journal found at The collection will open with the Léon Goossens Prize Winner Piyawat Llouilarpprasert’s Black Soaring Birds. Tom Floyd’s specially commended composition Strange Stars is also included as are two compositions by Kim Ashton who was a featured composer in our Journal for September 2015.

James Turnbull explains the impetus behind this new exciting partnership, 

‘There are so many wonderful new oboe compositions extending the repertoire every year. My experience is that not all of these scores end up being easily accessible for the oboists spread across the world to get hold of. The fantastic download and printed music service offered by Composers Edition makes it so easy for oboists to find some of the most engaging and wonderful new oboe compositions that they might not otherwise find. We have a really exciting collection of composers joining the collection in the coming months so do visit to hear the latest news’.

Some Statistics from the first 9 months of the New Oboe Music Project:

– 9 composers have had their oboe music featured in our Journal (John Casken, Charlotte Bray, Osmo Tapio Räihälä, Kim Ashton, James MacMillan, Rob Keeley, Tansy Davies, Ellen Lindquist, Colin Matthews)

– The new Léon Goossens Prize for Emerging Composers has been established to be run on a biennial basis. The inaugural competition was won in March 2016 by Piyawat Llouilarpprasert with a special commendation going to Tom Floyd. Both prize winning entries are being published by Composers Edition and a recording of Piyawat’s composition is being recorded for Oboe Classics later this year

– Our website has reached nearly 6000 unique visitors and our social media reach has exceeded 75,000 users between Facebook and Twitter. Are aim is to bring together more oboists and composers and help promote some of the fantastic new repertoire being created for the oboe.

Explore The New Oboe Collection works, available now on Composers Edition.

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