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13 December 2021 Comments Off on Tamara Stefanovich Premières Emma-Ruth Richards ‘Piano Ètude – Escape’ Views: 202 CE News

Tamara Stefanovich Premières Emma-Ruth Richards ‘Piano Ètude – Escape’

Emma-Ruth Richards

On Thursday 20 January 2022 Emma-Ruth Richards’ piano étude Escape will be premiered by stellar pianist Tamara Stefanovich as part of the series “Musiques d’aujourd’hui” at Salle de Musique de Chambre at Philharmonie Luxembourg.

The programme presents a virtuoso and poetic tour journey through piano études from Rachmaninov and Scriabin to new works especially commissioned by Tamara Stefanovich which includes music by Martin Suckling and Zeynep Gedizlioglu as well as Emma-Ruth’s new work.

Escape, a three minute piano Étude written for Tamara Stefanovich, is an unbridled, often hushed, and muted, impression of flight patterns created by a flock of starlings. Particular appeal came from studying different Murmurations, ‘flash expansions’ – where the flock separates into subflocks to reduce cohesion, ‘wave’ patterns, and ‘blackening’ events – when the starlings compact together to appear more intimidating to a predator.

Emma-Ruth Richards

Emma-Ruth, Tamara, and Lydia Rilling (the Philharmonie Luxembourg Chief Dramaturg) tell us the special story of their encounter which led to this commission:

Emma-Ruth Richards – When I first heard Tamara play I had one of those ‘composer moments’ where your heart dances just at the possibility of maybe one day being able to write for such a sound as that. Tamara is of course the epitome of excellence in every way but even more than this, her particular sound… her emotional generosity… her balance of immense precision with unbridled passion… means that each note’s voice is utterly safe in her hands. 

It is a complete honour and an enormous privilege to write for Tamara and I fully know that she will communicate my mind and spirit and perfectly convey everything that my little dots are trying to say. Such a rare and precious thing is extremely exciting. This is why I write. 

Philharmonie Luxembourg

Tamara Stefanovich – I met Emma-Ruth Richards a couple of years ago after a concert and have thought her to be a sensitive musician with huge antennas- she also came to my concert in the Barbican where I played the 50 Etudes. Whilst talking to her about the choices and styles, and what it means to write a piano Etude, I already started having ideas about commissioning her.

I have known only a couple of instrumental pieces by her and I thought what better way to get to know her than to commission an etude for myself. [In Escape] the writing is fresh and original, and it shows the musician of wonderful contact with force and fragility – this is something that I’m always looking for: someone who doesn’t hide behind the structure but uses it to infuse it with ideas. I’m very curious to see what comes up for her next and I will be there cheering her on.

Lydia Rilling – When Tamara Stefanovich had the idea to commission new etudes for solo piano as part of her recital at Philharmonie Luxembourg we happily agreed immediately. Tamara Stefanovich has been a leading advocate for contemporary music for piano and we are delighted to be able to commission a new etude by Emma-Ruth Richards to be premiered by Tamara Stefanovich.

We at Composers Edition are looking forward to this exciting premiere and to publishing Escape in due course.

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