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Susannah Self
Susannah Self

1 June 2019 Comments Off on Susannah Self’s New Opera ‘Analysis’ Views: 549 CE News

Susannah Self’s New Opera ‘Analysis’

Susannah Self will perform her new opera Analysis at The CODA Festival at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire on Wednesday 19th June.

Susannah Self says that Analysis explores turning points in the composer’s life through the prism of a 10 year Jungian analysis.

It is dark, witty and outrageous. Alluring tunes are sewn across an abstract sound world.
Nothing is off-limits!
The analyst listens, reflects:
The work ‘plays’ within an interactive installation woven into a 3 dimensional island.

The visual score of Analysis will be available on Composers Edition from July.

On a further note, Susannah Self has just been commissioned from The Spitalfields Festival to compose for string trio. Self’s new work, Fast Fast will be played as part of Errollyn Wallen’s curated festival in spring 2020.

Wednesday 19 June, 8pm
Analysis, by Susannah Self, at The CODA Festival
The LAB, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

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