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Susannah Self
Susannah Self

31 December 2020 Comments Off on Susannah Self Opera ‘Analysis’ 2021 Performances Views: 271 CE News

Susannah Self Opera ‘Analysis’ 2021 Performances

We are pleased to share the news that Susannah Self’s installation opera Analysis will be performed for Tête-a-Tête in London July/August 2021 and for Stoke Newington Contemporary Music Festivals in May 2021.

Analysis is an auto-ethnographic work that explores intimate moments during a psychoanalysis. Identification with universally vulnerable situations leads to a gripping narrative. Through using eclectic approaches to creating libretto, music, soundscapes, videos and installations, Analysis reflects how ‘musical processes function as alternative academies that generate new ways of knowing and new ways of being. Music becomes important not so much for what it is, as for what it does.’ (Lipsitz, 2016: 266). Provocative situations such as the casting couch, addiction and a dominating conductor inspires this syncretic art form to take up its purpose as a radical mission statement. The work is dark, witty and revealing. It features abstract and seductive songs with unexpected turning points.

Susannah Self

…a highly varied free-flow musical-theatre piece about the more analysis-worthy phases of her life. She (Susannah Self) is a fearless entertainer, engaging each member of the audience directly at one point or another, and she uses her voice superbly through many octaves.

David Nice

The notated score for piano and mezzo-soprano is available with Composer’s Edition.

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