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31 July 2020 Comments Off on Silvina Milstein ‘Trespassing the Boundaries of National Culture’ Views: 183 CE News

Silvina Milstein ‘Trespassing the Boundaries of National Culture’

Silvina Milstein has been commissioned a blog contribution for The British Music Collection series ‘Transnational Identity in New Music’, edited by Alex Ho.

Milstein’s contribution has the title ‘Trespassing the Boundaries of National Cultures’, including the reflections:

Although I grew up in Buenos Aires, none of my music was written there. Paradoxically while antisemitism and repression caused my grandparents to emigrate to Argentina in the inter-war period, the brutal regime established by the military in the mid-seventies drove me to cross the ocean in the opposite direction. These days, I live in Cambridge and my dreams tend to be in English – though at home I speak Spanish. 

I guess that my involvement with  Schoenberg’s world has marked the way I hold my pen.

Several of my works are evocative of the dreamy melancholy of my native country and borrow from its music. 

 In a media luz,  the continuously proliferating lines and embellishments heard throughout the piece, eventually dissolve into a melody played by a lone violinist. Its contour carries memories of a popular song entitled ‘a media luz’, whose words and gestures evoke the intimacy of dusk and candlelight.

Silvina Milstein

The article includes videos of works by Silvina Milstein.

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