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12 December 2016 Comments Off on Ryan Latimer’s ‘Chloe’ on new RMN Classical album Views: 1620 Composers

Ryan Latimer’s ‘Chloe’ on new RMN Classical album

Ryan Latimer’s 2013 piece ‘Chloe’ for solo violin has appeared on a recently published disc Architecture, Music for Solo Instruments out on RMN Music on 09 Dec 2016. The album is a wide exploration of compositional techniques of the 21st century, including works written for solo flute, solo oboe, solo violin and harpsichord –  a collection of twelve contemporary works by young composers from around the world.

Performed by Carmine Marcello Rizzi, the piece was selected through an international Call for Scores linked to the project. “The title, Chloe, referrers firstly to Calvino’s novel, Invisible Cities. The story centres upon explorer, Marko Polo, and emperor, Kublai Kahn. Kahn employs Polo to describe to him in detail all the cities he has passed through on his travels; one of which is the city of Chloe,” explains Ryan. “The book, in turn, strikes a curious balance between continuous (re)invention and meditation; and it is this particular quality I hoped to find in my own work. I also borrowed from the Greek meaning of the name Chloe – “a young green shoot” – an image which is captured musically towards the end of the piece,” says the London-based composer.

‘Chloe’ for solo violin score is available through Composers Edition.

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