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26 August 2021 Comments Off on Robert Peate ‘Three Diversions’ at Chichester Cathedral with the Aurora Trio Views: 51 CE News

Robert Peate ‘Three Diversions’ at Chichester Cathedral with the Aurora Trio

Robert Peate

The Aurora Trio are performing Robert Peate’s Three Diversions (written for the Aurora Trio) at Chichester Cathedral on Tuesday 28 September at 1:10pm.

The movements of Three Diversions (or Divertimenti) share a certain dance-like quality, and with the exception of the short central Elegy, are generally light in character. Each movement is very much self-contained, with only the slightest of thematic links between each miniature. As the title suggests they are intended mainly as entertainment, and at the time acted as a kind of diversion for me between writing other larger, more ‘serious’ works.

The first movement (subtitled ‘Rounds’) was written out of the somewhat bizarre combination of a ‘whistle signal’ used when cycling through canal tow-path tunnels, and an interest in medieval dance music. This motor-rhythms in this movement also served as something of a study for the first and last moments of a Piano Concerto.

The second movement, ‘Elegy’ was a more abstract exercise in chord rotations, through which I drew subtle, plaintive lines from out of the harmony, whilst also trying to create an morphing sense of colour.

The third ‘Tango’ is in a somewhat nuevo-tango style, formed in the manner of a jazz standard: After a brief introduction the ‘head’ is played, then each instrument comes to the fore for their ‘solo’ variation, before a reprise of the ‘head’ and then a coda. The dancing harpist dedicatee alluded to in the programme note is Alexandra Guiraud, and the first two notes of the ‘tune’ spell out her initials (A-G, A-G).

Robert Peate

Indeed, we suspect this may be the first time a tango is played at Chichester Cathedral… if anyone has any further information to confirm or not this potential first tango-experience there, please let us know! 😊

Chichester Cathedral

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