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8 March 2017 Comments Off on Robert Peate: ‘Six Takes on Tosca’ premiere in Dublin today Views: 2053 Composers

Robert Peate: ‘Six Takes on Tosca’ premiere in Dublin today

Robert Peate’s ‘Six Takes on Tosca’ for flute, harp and viola will receive its premiere today at the Dublin City University. The performance starts at 1:10pm.

Robert explains the background behind the piece: “The idea to commission a set of variations on this particular theme – a miniature gavotte scored for an off-stage Flute, Harp and Viola trio at the beginning of Act 2, giving the impression of a distant orchestra – came from  Joe Bronstein, violist of the Aurora Trio who commissioned the piece with funds from the RVW Trust. Though initially the music seemed circumstantial, I found on closer inspection that it contained certain thematic tags from the wider opera.”

“The variations turned out as a kind of commentary on important material from the opera, as much of the dramatic context of the opera began to colour my approach. The glamorous and possessive nature of Tosca, the jealousy of both Tosca and Scarpia, Angelotti’s escape and refuge, and the generally highly charged atmosphere of the opera all made their mark.”

UK-based audience may catch the Aurora Trio in a live performance at the Octagon Music Society, Clarendon Muse, Watford, Hertfordshire this coming Sunday 12th March 2017 from 16:00. The trio will perform ‘Six Takes on Tosca’ once again on Friday 7th July 2017 at the Dore Abbey, part of 2017 Abbey Dore Festival, alongside Tango from Robert’s  Three Diversions, also written for the Aurora Trio.

The score will be available on Composers Edition shortly.

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