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31 January 2020 Comments Off on Richard Whalley’s ‘Iapetus Suture’ with The Ebonit Saxophone Quartet Views: 911 CE News

Richard Whalley’s ‘Iapetus Suture’ with The Ebonit Saxophone Quartet

The Ebonit Saxophone Quartet will be giving two performances of Richard Whalley’s Iapetus Suture in the Netherlands during February 2020. The first is in the Theater aan het Vrijhof, Maastricht on Wednesday 12 February, the second in Kasteel Keukenhof on Sunday 16 February

The programme of mainly British music is built around arrangements of string quartet music by Britten and Walton and arrangements of piano music by Percy Grainger.

Iapetus Suture was composed for the Ebonit Saxophone Quartet in 2016, and is where 300 million year old geology and compositional process meet. It was inspired by the collision of the continents of Laurentia and Avalonia to form the single super-continent, Pangaea, which squeezed out the Iapetus Ocean, leaving behind a major geological fault, known as the Iapetus Suture. This is currently to be found near the border between England and Scotland, and indeed elements of the landscape here are encapsulated by the music. It is one of four works, specially composed for the ensemble, by composers Richard Whalley and Kevin Malone, that will be included forthcoming CD of new saxophone quartets to be released later in the Spring 2020

Iapetus Suture is proudly available through Composers Edition, as well as other works by Richard Whalley.

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