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1 June 2020 Comments Off on Richard Pantcheff Lockdown Special for Cellist Michael Katz Views: 190 CE News

Richard Pantcheff Lockdown Special for Cellist Michael Katz

Mickey Katz

Hot off the press! Richard Pantcheff has just finished composing a new short work for solo cello. It was specially commissioned by Mickey Katz, cellist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and has been written for him to record and put online during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic. The work “…the field long-slept in pastoral green…” comprises three movements of just one minute’s duration each. Richard tells us:

The intention is that the piece should help us to reflect upon the effects of the pandemic. On the one hand, this might be the loss of family members, loved ones, livelihoods, or jobs. On the other hand, however, the work is also one of hope, based upon the fact that the pandemic has perhaps given us more opportunity to engage with our natural environment, and appreciate its beauty. The title of the work is a quotation from a poem entitled ‘The Apparition’ by the great American writer, Herman Melville. I chose it as a reminder for us that in difficult times the beauty of the natural world is a source of comfort to us, and in better times a reflection of hope and re-birth.

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