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Richard Bullen

18 June 2018 Comments Off on Richard Bullen Joins Composers Edition Views: 1717 CE News

Richard Bullen Joins Composers Edition

Composers Edition is very pleased to welcome Richard Bullen a composer who’s works brim with theatricality, often exploring performance spaces and incorporate video and lighting in their staging as can be seen in the video below of his 2013 Theatre of Resonance for piano and video.

So far, we have 11 of Bullen’s works on offer:

Dividuels for onstage singer and violin, and offstage violin and singer
Elemental Songs and Dances for baritone, children’s chorus and ensemble
Fiery Tales for children’s choir or SA choir and piano
Garden of Forking Paths for three clarinets in a space
Hikinuki for clarinet solo
Night Circus for flute, clarinet, harp and cello
Rite for solo viola
Skylark Machine for piano solo
Theatre of Resonance for piano and video or two pianos
Steradian a spatial drama for 12 trombones, 12 torch beams and dark space
Visioni Simultanee for orchestra

‘Bullen’s sonorities are striking… there’s a real musical imagination at work’

Andrew Clements, The Guardian

Richard Bullen on joining Composers Edition:

I’m very excited to join Composers Edition and I’m honored to have my music represented alongside such a terrific group of composers including my former teacher Vic Hoyland, and Phil Cashian, head of composition at my alma mater, the Royal Academy of Music. Looking forward to the times ahead!

Richard Bullen Profile & Works

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