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30 November 2020 Comments Off on Richard Barnard ‘Moon Songs’ for Lia Leendertz’s Almanac Views: 221 CE News

Richard Barnard ‘Moon Songs’ for Lia Leendertz’s Almanac

Richard Barnard

Richard Barnard’s Moon Songs – a set of 5 folk songs – are just out!

Moon Songs is a set of original versions of traditional songs which all make reference to the moon. The melodies were researched and arranged by the composer for Lia Leendertz’s best-selling The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2020, with a different folk song to represent each month of the year.

Lia Leendertz’s reinvention of the traditional rural almanac has become an annual must-have for readers eager to connect with the seasons, appreciate the outdoors and discover ways to mark and celebrate each month.

Moon Songs is proudly available through our website, as well as other works by Richard Barnard.

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