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31 January 2020 Comments Off on Quatuor Capriccio give UK premiere of Fokkens “Capriccios Variations: Le Hérisson Interrompant” Views: 614 CE News

Quatuor Capriccio give UK premiere of Fokkens “Capriccios Variations: Le Hérisson Interrompant”

Rob Fokkens

After a very successful launch of their CD Capriccios on the Orchid Classics label in 2019, described in BBC Music magazine as ‘translucent, intensely moving and crystal clear’ the excellent French quartet Quatuor Capriccio brings their capriccio programme to Cardiff University on Tuesday 18 February 2020, 7pm following dates in France.

They perform capriccios from the CD, including Rob Fokkens Capriccio Variations: Le Hérisson Interrompant, commissioned by the quartet in 2017 for the Festival Capriccio-en-Maine in Angers.

Rob Fokkens says about the piece:

Willingly accepting the opportunity to work with such an excellent ensemble, I set about exploring the notion of ‘capriccio’, and quickly discovered a little gem of information: although disputed, one theory about the origins of the word relates to an Italian Renaissance hairstyle – ‘capo riccio’ or ‘head hedgehog”. Whether this rather vivid image is historically accurate or not, the usage of the word in Italian developed to mean whimsy, fantasy and mercurial light-heartedness.

This was sufficient inspiration for me – using theme and variation form, hedgehogs, and a touch of whimsy, I made a work which, typically for me, uses influences from music ranging from traditional South African bow music to electronic dance music, formal disruption, and some vocalisation for the quartet.

Composers Edition is proud to publish Capriccio Variations: Le Hérisson Interrompant as well as other works by Rob Fokkens, which are available through our website.

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