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Capriccios Quatour Capriccio featuring Rob Fokkens Capriccio Variations

28 February 2019 Comments Off on Quatuor Capriccio feature Rob Fokkens on Debut CD Views: 126 CE News

Quatuor Capriccio feature Rob Fokkens on Debut CD

Friday 15 March brings the release of Capriccios the first album by Quatuor Capriccio on the Orchid Classics label which includes the premiere recording of Rob Fokkens Capriccio Variations: Le Hérisson Interrompant, commissioned and premiered by Quatuor Capriccio at the Festival Capriccio-en-Maine in 2017.

To celebrate the launch, they are presenting two concerts performing repertoire from the CD in Paris.  The first took place in February at Atout Livre, and on Sunday 17 March the perform at Salle Colonne.

If you’re wondering why it’s subtitled Le Hérisson Interrompant or The Interrupting Hedgehog, Fokkens tells us;

Le Hérisson Interrompant came along based on a (disputed) theory about the origin of the word “capriccio” – from “capo riccio”, meaning “head hedgehog”, which was – so the story goes – a hairstyle in Italy, possibly during the Renaissance. So my piece is a set of variations (hence the main title), some of which interrupt one another in a faintly hedgehog-like (at least to me) way. So it is quite playful anyway – which seemed appropriate for a capriccio!

See what you think! Capriccio Variations score and parts are available from Composers Edition.

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