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28 January 2021 Comments Off on Pianist Nic Gerpe on Anne LeBaron’s ‘Unearthly Delights’ Views: 615 CE News

Pianist Nic Gerpe on Anne LeBaron’s ‘Unearthly Delights’

We are thrilled with the official release of Anne LeBaron’s double CD Unearthly Delights last month by Innova Recordings, the American Composers Forum (ACF) in-house recording label.

Unearthly Delights is a collection of Anne’s chamber and solo works from the past decade.

Pianist Nic Gerpe recorded Creation de las Aves for solo piano, also Devil in the Belfry and Fissure as “Panic Duo” with violinist Pasha Tseitlin. Fissure was a commission from Nic Gerpe to Anne LeBaron, as a companion piece to Devil in the Belfry. We asked Nic about his experience with Anne’s music and his participation in this album.

How did you first get in contact with Anne’s music?

Nic Gerpe: I played the piano part for the premiere of several scenes for Anne’s opera LSD/Huxley’s Last Trip on the First Takes program. After that, Anne invited me to perform on the premiere of the opera in its entirety at REDCAT.

What do you like/enjoy/admire the most in Anne’s music?

NG: Anne’s music is at once – visceral, yet lyrical; experimental, yet familiar; intensely colorful and wildly imaginative; atmospheric and boldly narrative.

How did it happen – the idea to commission Fissure as a companion piece to Devil in the Belfry?

Nic Gerpe & Pasha Tseitlin – Panic Duo

NG: After performing on Anne’s opera, I asked her if she had any works either for solo piano or for violin/piano duo. She replied that she did, and gave me scores for Creacion de las Aves and Devil In The Belfry. My violin duo partner, Pasha Tseitlin, and I performed “Devil” on several occasions and the work has become a staple in our repertoire. We love the piece and its depiction of the Edgar Allan Poe story, so we commissioned Anne to write us a piece for our concert on the People Inside Electronics series.

Anne was a perfect composer to commission for this concert, particularly because of her mastery of the electronic idiom, and she said that she’d long wanted to write a companion piece to “Devil”. Fissure is a wonderful piece in its own right, and we’ve programmed the two pieces together many times. They are an incredible literary and musical pairing!

How was the experience to participate in this recording?

NG: It was an absolute pleasure, as it is any time that I have the opportunity to work with Anne and play her music!

Unearthly Delights is available through Innova Recordings website, also via all major music platforms.

All music in this double album is proudly published by Composers Edition.

Read an interview with Anne LeBaron about her music and the recording of Unearthly Delights here.

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