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Eleonor Sandresky at her studio during lockdown. Photo by Predrag Dubravcic (2020).

28 January 2021 Comments Off on Pianist Eleonor Sandresky on Premiering Jack Van Zandt’s ‘Painted Night’ in her Lunar Landscapes Concert Series Views: 573 CE News

Pianist Eleonor Sandresky on Premiering Jack Van Zandt’s ‘Painted Night’ in her Lunar Landscapes Concert Series

Jack Van Zandt. Photo by Elisa Ferrari

Jack Van Zandt’s Painted Night will receive its première performance online by Eleonor Sandresky on Saturday 27 February in her Lunar Landscapes Concert Series. The stream will be available for 48 hours after the live event for those who weren’t able to tune in on the day. 

Eleonor Sandresky, who is herself a composer, tells us about this concert series and her impressions as a performer of Jack’s music. Eleonor Sandresky is also the inventor of the Wonder Suit, producer of film with live orchestra concerts, founder of the MATA Festival, and pianist with the Philip Glass Ensemble since 1991.

About the Lunar Landscapes…

Eleonor Sandresky – Lunar Landscapes is a new music series I curate that brings together composers and curious music-lovers under one of nature’s most wondrous occurrences: the full moon. On the night of each full moon (at 9pm ET), I present a virtual concert and dialogue with a special guest composer, paired with a themed cocktail/mocktail and snack.
We combine music, technology in its broadest sense, and a spirit of celebration in the regularity and predictability of the movement of celestial bodies throughout the sky. Each moon has a name and persona just as each composer has a distinctly unique voice. In its first year, the series features stellar composers Gilda Lyons, Fahad Siadat, Carlos Carrillo, Pamela Madsen, Jobina Tinnemans, Jack van Zandt, Eve Beglarian, Leonardo Heiblum, and Daniel Bernard Romain.

In May 2020 my new album of etudes for solo piano by Philip Glass and myself Strange Energies was released by Orange Mountain Music. We struggled with how to release the album after our original launch date got cancelled and then we hit on the idea of posting a single track a week performed from home. After we started in May, we weren’t finished with the “slo-mo” release until the middle of August! After a break I felt I wanted to continue and Lunar Landscapes was born. You can see all the videos on my YouTube channel

Eleonor on performing Jack Van Zandt’s music

ES – Jack and I have only met once, about 5 years ago when I was out in the LA area performing some of my own music. This is my first time performing his music and I’m delighted to be able to include it on my series. Painted Night is a very beautiful and evocative work that fits in very well with the series. I love how he invokes the painterly styles of each artist that he is referencing.

Further thoughts on the series

Lunar Landscapes has given me the exciting opportunity to collaborate with fellow composers. It’s fun to get inside their creative minds as composers and share their voice with new and unknown audiences. As we work together, I learn from them and stretch myself in new ways as a musician. It’s an honor to also share my own work and that of my longtime friend and colleague Philip Glass — whose music I’ve configured in world premiere arrangements several times throughout the series.

By making new use of existing technologies, (whatever we happen to have around the house) and making small improvements along the way, we continue to create these virtual concert events as the pandemic rages on. It is important now, more than ever, to support each other, to lift each other up and share in the sounds we create together. Curating and preparing these concerts gives me focus and creative purpose at a time when that is lacking in almost every aspect of my life at the moment.

Details about the broadcast of the concerts

All of the concert events are streaming live on YouTube. I leave the stream up for several days so that ticket holders can access it even if they aren’t available to watch at the time of the stream. Tickets for the series are available here.

Jack Van Zandt on Painted Night

I composed the Painted Night nocturnes a couple of years ago as a present for my dear friends Yvonne and Tomi Ungerer. Tomi, who died just after I wrote the piece, was one of the world’s great illustrators and authors of children’s books. I chose paintings of night scenes by three artists that we all loved—Hopper, Van Gogh and Whistler—to make my pieces about.

Jack Van Zandt

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