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31 January 2019 Comments Off on Peruse, Rehearse and Perform from Composers Edition Scores and Parts Online with nkoda Views: 692 CE News

Peruse, Rehearse and Perform from Composers Edition Scores and Parts Online with nkoda

nkoda composers edition linkComposers Edition is proud to be making its catalogue available on nkoda – the new subscription-based digital sheet music service.

Available for iPad, iPhone, Android tablet and phone, MacOX and Windows 10 in 11 languages, nkoda is biggest development in music publishing since everything went digital. Scores and parts can be saved for offline use, annotated and shared with other subscribers and soon you’ll also be able to even print from it too. Importantly for composers, all views and prints of scores and parts whether for research, perusal, public performance or personal pleasure will result in fees being paid back to them – great for Composers Edition composers who retain full rights and royalties from the performances of their works.

Some works, particularly those for orchestra and large ensemble will still be subject to performance hire fees, all others are free for nkoda subscibers to perform from.  We think most will find managing sheet music to be far easier with nkoda.

So far we’ve made around a third of our catalogue available. That’s 490 works by 25 composers and we’ll be adding more every month.  You can view these and more than 30 million other pages of music free for a whole month, and pay just £9.99 per month after that at the Composers Edition nkoda playlist.

Check out works by these composers there already!


Composers Edition playlist on nkoda

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