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26 February 2021 Comments Off on Paul Alan Barker New Website Views: 111 CE News

Paul Alan Barker New Website has always been something of a treasure trove of productions and works, and now’s it’s received a complete make-over. In particular it highlights some of Barker’s most intriguing works from his extensive body of works, presented in a smart new contemporary design.

The website has been designed and built by Source Music Services, the same team behind Composers Edition and we think you’ll enjoy browsing, listening and watching all the wonderful records Paul collects whilst working on his varied opera, music theatre, concert works and more.

We’re pleased that it has also prompted the publication of eleven previously unpublished works here at Composers Edition.

Hello Mr. Darwin

an opera for children

Premiered Burdett-Coutts Primary School, London, John Savournin and Belinda Evans with musical director Derek Carden. The story involves Charles Darwin’s encounter and discoveries about animals on a distant island and some disagreements with his wife…


Loplop Dances

for two pianos

Loplop was one of the important characters in Max Ernst’s graphic collage novel, La Femme 100 têtes. Premiere: Foro Internacional de Música Nueva “Manuel Enriquez”, México City.



three songs with words and music

Three songs from The Ballad of My Nipple for voice and piano.


My Voice and Me

a melodrama for pianist, soprano and synthesiser

Premiered on Crest Roadshow as installation; performed live at Woodend House, Scarborough, UK.



concerto for piano and strings

Inspired by the Natya Shastra is an ancient Indian treatise on theatre, dance and music. May be performed by solo pianist with either a string quintet or a small string orchestra. An ideal performance would include a dance performance, to reflect its theme.


El Progreso de Pedro

for piano solo

Commissioned by Ana Cervantes inspired by the novel Pedro Paramor by Juan Rulfo. This ten minute work portrays a series of events or encounters which, it is hoped, leave more unsaid than explained.


Three Inventions

for violin and piano

Reworkings of material from operas and other works originally for other instruments. Extravert little pieces with a strong sense of rhythmic drive.


The Mirror

an operatic sketch

Inspired by Chapter 58 of Dumas’s novel, The Count of Monte Christo, an early description of “locked-in syndrome”, he communicates only with his grand-daughter, Valentine, who has had the patience to learn how to interpret his eye-movements, which are the only part of his body he is now able to control.


Three Musical Moments

for clown and pianist

A series of six pieces that should be performed by a clown and a pianist


Three Songs in Limited Tonality

for solo piano

Exercises in tonal management. “How long could I keep music interesting without ever changing harmony? They grew out of some fascinating playing I did with my friend, the Tagorean singer Sasha Ghoshal”.


The Sorceress’ Tale

an entertainment in homage to Henry Purcell

The story behind the story of Dido and Aeneas. From the Sorceress’ point of view. Text by composer, designed as a companion work to Purcell’s opera. Commissioned by the London Festival Orchestra, with funds from Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust.


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