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Patrick Nunn

28 February 2020 Comments Off on Patrick Nunn ‘Veiled’ for Solo Oboe World Premiere Views: 651 CE News

Patrick Nunn ‘Veiled’ for Solo Oboe World Premiere

Patrick Nunn’s Veiled for solo oboe will be premiered by Drake Gritton on Tuesday 10 March at Royal Academy of Music.

Veiled is one of a collection of 200 solo pieces commissioned to celebrate the bicentenary of the Royal Academy of Music in 2022. The title embodies both the performance direction and the working process behind the piece. The performer is given the direction “lontano” – can be performed off-stage” alluding to something hidden whereas the melodic material is constructed by a masking of pitch-based encryptions of the establishment’s title. By themselves, these encrypted pitches provide little interest due to the lack of chromaticism and excessive repetitions. Instead, their colourless simplicity is masked and transformed by neighbouring chromatic embellishment so that their implied harmonic weight is not only altered, but is constantly shifting.

Veiled is proudly available through Composers Edition alongside other works by Patrick Nunn.

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