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On That Night by Liz Lane

8 May 2016 Comments Off on Mirage: a Spanish Summer by Liz Lane Views: 760 Repertoire

Mirage: a Spanish Summer by Liz Lane

Mirage is a reflection on a Spanish summer at various times of day. The music is an image of events which, whilst not perhaps significant in themselves, together shape a lifestyle which necessarily revolves around the supremely hot weather.

A shimmering heat haze is a background to early morning walking, cycling and jogging on the seafront, mist rising on the water and the opening of beachside churingitas. Later on, a juxtaposition of old and new Spain is characterised late night flamenco, even English barbershop and most significantly, a lone accordionist playing outside in the evening whose melody drifts in and out and is never heard in its entirety.

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