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1 June 2019 Comments Off on Martin Iddon’s ‘Aigeiros’ for Guitar and Fixed Media German Premiere Views: 584 CE News

Martin Iddon’s ‘Aigeiros’ for Guitar and Fixed Media German Premiere

Martin Iddon
Martin Iddon

Seth Josel will give the German premiere of Martin Iddon’s Aigeiros for guitar and fixed media on Thursday 13 June at KM28 in Berlin.

As Martin Iddon says explains, Aigeiros is an extension of his earlier vocal quintet, hamadryads

… like that earlier piece, Aigeiros makes use in the generation of its pitch material of Josquin’s Déploration on the death of Johannes Ockeghem, Nymphes des bois.  It is part of a series of pieces taking Josquin’s lament as a starting point, each based on a particular ‘reading’ of the source text and taking the title of one of the eight types of hamadryad named in the Greek mythological tradition. Aigeiros is named for the hamadryad who was bonded to the black poplar.

Composers Edition is proud to publish Martin Iddon’s works, including Aigeiros, which is available for purchase through our website.

Martin Iddon Profile & Works

Thursday 13 June 2019, 19:30
Sequence presents: Seth Josel performing works for solo guitar
Programme includes works by Christopher Williams, Catherine Lamb and Martin Iddon, Aigeiros, for guitar and fixed media (German premiere)
KM28, Karl-Marx-Str. 28, Berlin

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