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30 October 2020 Comments Off on Martin Iddon ‘Λαμπάδες’ Première in Berlin (and Live Online) & ‘Sapindales’ Heads Up Views: 304 CE News

Martin Iddon ‘Λαμπάδες’ Première in Berlin (and Live Online) & ‘Sapindales’ Heads Up

Jack Adler. Photo: Alfonso Salgueiro

Jack Adler-McKean is premiering Martin Iddon’s Λαμπάδες [Lampades], a new work for tubist and fixed media, in Berlin on Tuesday 3 November. There will a Youtube live stream of the concert as well.

The score of Λαμπάδες comprises five sets (α–ε) of twelve duos (I–XII), comprising glissandi in time-space notation. Four of these duos should be pre-recorded, while one should be performed live. The choice of which set should be live is the tubist’s.

The lampades, or torchbearers, were the nymphs of the underworld in Greek mythology, who accompanied Hecate, lighting, as their name suggests, the goddess’s way. The musical material of the piece is derived from Josquin des Prés’s five-voice De profundis.

Λαμπάδες was written for Jack Adler-McKean.

Martin Iddon, York, 4 August 2020

Also keep your eyes peeled for a ‘sort of premiere somehow with a recording maybe’ of Martin Iddon’s new piece for Heather Roche, Sapindales for clarinets and fixed media. Due to the current pandemic circumstances, further details about this performance will be available just at last minute, so watch our social media channels to keep updated.

In 2013, Heather Roche asked me for a piece for bass clarinet, which became Ptelea (2014), part of my hamadryads sequence of pieces, each one of which is named for a particular hamadryad, in Ptelea’s case the hamadryade bonded to the elm, and each of which derives its musical material from Josquin’s Nymphes des bois. In 2015, Rob Philips composed a piece for Heather which responded to Ptelea, ‘generalising’ some of what it did, calling his piece Rutaceae, that is, the name of the family to which the elm belongs. Sapindales (2016–20) is a further ‘generalisation’ of the material shared by Ptelea and Rutaceae, a simplification and condensation of the original material, but also an expansion, not least in scale, but also possibility.

The sapindales are the order of flowering plants to which the rutaceae family belongs, and includes citrus, maples, horse-chestnuts, lychees, mangoes, frankincense, and myrrh. The fixed media part for the piece was recorded at Moorlands Nature Reserve in York, at the site of a felled snake bark maple.

Martin Iddon, York, 7 July 2020

Composers Edition is looking forward to publishing Λαμπάδες [Lampades] and Sapindales shortly after their premières.

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