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Séverine Ballon - Photo by Gérard Le Doudic
Séverine Ballon - Photo by Gérard Le Doudic

26 August 2019 Comments Off on Martin Iddon ‘Λεύκη’ Premiere with Séverine Ballon in Berlin Views: 775 CE News

Martin Iddon ‘Λεύκη’ Premiere with Séverine Ballon in Berlin

Séverine Ballon will be premiering the first half of Martin Iddon Λεύκη, at the DARA String Festival in Berlin on Friday 30 August.

Martin Iddon
Martin Iddon

The nymph Λεύκη(Leuke) is named for the white poplar, the leaf of which has one side which is a dark green and another which is, distinctively, white. Like Persephone, Leuke was abducted by Hades who, after her death, transformed her into a white poplar, the leaves of which Heracles would later use to crown himself on his return from his twelfth labour. The Greek word for wolf, λύκος, is, because of the whitish hair of the wolf, perhaps derived from the same stem, via λευκός, which, analogous to the Latin luce, means light. The piece, Λεύκη, obliquely references this cluster of associations, focussing on the wolf tone (or, for that matter, tones) of the cello, normally carefully guarded against, but here embraced.

The piece is divided into two ‘panels’, Λεύκη α and Λεύκη β; Séverine is doing the first one, Λεύκη α.

Friday 30 August 2019, 7:30pm
DARA String Festival
Premiere of Martin Iddon Λεύκη for solo cello, also works by James Dillon, Séverine Ballon and Iannis Xenakis.
Hošek Contemporary, Motor Ship HEIMATLAND, Fisherinsel 3, 10179 Berlin

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