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30 June 2020 Comments Off on Martin Bussey Mary Pieces at Oxford Arts Festival and Timeless Figure at Tête-à-Tête 2020 Views: 335 CE News

Martin Bussey Mary Pieces at Oxford Arts Festival and Timeless Figure at Tête-à-Tête 2020

Martin Bussey

Martin Bussey has written three short instrumental pieces based on music from his 2018 chamber vocal work Mary’s Hand, called Mary Pieces, one for each of the instruments that play in the piece:

Jack of Hearts for Oboe
Gloriana for Trumpet
Soul Song for Cello

Clare Hoskins, Heidi Bennett and Gabriella Swallow who regularly perform in the show are making commissioned recordings which will go up on Martin Bussey’s YouTube channel soon.

Sadly, the September performances of Mary’s Hand scheduled for Aldeburgh Church and Tower of London have been postponed, though not cancelled we hope. For now, you can watch a recording from the initial performances in 2018 at Tête à Tête: the Opera Festival:

Gabriella Swallow

Gabriella Swallow has premiered Soul Song on the 25 June as part of her studio-recorded recital to mark the 75th anniversary of Jacqueline du Pre’s birth. This concert is available at the Arts Festival Oxford Youtube page. Please consider donating to the festival if you enjoy the performance!

We are also pleased to hear that Timeless Figure has been accepted as part of Tête-à-Tête Festival 2020. Scheduled for performance on September 15 at London’s Cockpit Theatre, the work will be realised either live on that date or in virtual form – the latter a concept close to how the piece itself resolves!

Timeless Figure is about Time. A monodrama written for baritone Peter Edge, it sees J.B.Joyce, making clocks in Shropshire in 1680, transported into the world of trains, telegraph and ever-faster movement. From clocks on village steeples to railway clocks and civic clocks around the world, what does Time look like? Joyce reacts to specially commissioned photography by Laurel Turton, capturing urban and rural images of Time. Marconi rubs shoulders with the Romans. How does Time change and how does it change us? With the digital bleep, does Time stand still?

Martin Bussey

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