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31 March 2020 Comments Off on Mark Bowden ‘Five Memos’ at ISCM and Beyond Views: 612 CE News

Mark Bowden ‘Five Memos’ at ISCM and Beyond

Mark Bowden’s Five Memos for violin and piano have been recorded by Hyeyoon Park (violin) and Huw Watkins (piano), and released in the NMC Recordings Sudden Light CD in 2016.

This is a truly award-winning work, having earned Mark the BASCA British Composer Awards 2016 in the Solo or Duo category.

We have been thrilled with the selection of Five Memos to be played at the ISCM World Music Days in New Zealand in April. This has been quite an achievement, after being selected by the Welsh jury and then an international jury.

However, sadly this edition of ISCM World New Music Days has now been postponed to 2022 due to the current crisis.

Also, the performance of Five Memos in the Vale of Glamorgan Festival in May, which had been much anticipated, will not follow as planned, as this year’s festival has been cancelled. The organisation of the festival is planning to curate an online programme of performances to be broadcast when the Festival would take place.

We hope very much we all will get over this challenging pandemic situation before long.

Meanwhile, we suggest you to take a look on Sudden Light and consider purchasing it, for your enjoyment of Mark Bowden’s music and to carry on supporting new music during these days.

Five Memos, as well as all the works from Sudden Light, are published by Composers Edition.

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