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Mario Pagotto

31 August 2020 Comments Off on Mario Pagotto Two Harps Work World Premiere Views: 268 CE News

Mario Pagotto Two Harps Work World Premiere

On Sunday 13 September Mario Pagotto’s Ricercari di bravura for two harps will receive its world premiere in Teglio Veneto, Italy.

Ricercari is a contrapuntal musical form that derives from the Italian Renaissance (also used by composers of the early twentieth century such as Gian Francesco Malipiero). In this case, the search for polyphonic combinations applied to two harps combines virtuosic technical aspects with a new expressive capacity for these instruments.

The details of the concert are as follows:

Teglio Veneto, Chiesa San Giorgio Martire
Harps Fusion
Nicoletta Sanzin, Patrizia Tassini, arpa
Musiche di G. Alessandrini, J.S. Bach, J. Blanco, F. Francia, M. Pagotto, C. Salzedo, J. Thomas, A. Zecchi
Ingresso libero con prenotazione obbligatoria scrivendo a [email protected] o telefonando allo 0421.706025 int. 3 (Biblioteca comunale)

Composers Edition looks forward to publishing is proud to present a catalogue of works by Mario Pagotto available through our website, to which Ricercari di bravura will be added in due course.

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