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April 2021 New Release Round-Up

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March 2021 New Release Round-Up

An initial selection of works from Paul Archbold heads up this months new releases which includes staged and concert works by Paul Alan Barker, plus numerous orchestral works alongside chamber and vocal works.

Also available as a PDF and an MS Excel Spreadsheet.

Paul Archbold

…and the unseen eyebeam crossed…

for orchestra

A ‘composed act of perception’ taking its title from the first movement of
T.S. Eliot’s poem Burnt Norton in which the reader is led into a magical
garden of childhood innocence where the roses are subtly changed in the
presence of the onlooker.


Be not afeard

for children’s voices and piano

For the New London Children’s Choir on their twenty-fifth anniversary.


Études en mouvement (Volume 1)

for solo piano

Virtuoso studies in shaping the perceived flow of time, each given as gifts and dedicated to friends.


Impacts and Fractures

for string quartet

Written for the Kreutzer String Quartet, the musicians being treated as a homogenous ensemble from which the individual instruments attempt to escape.


Nine Memos

for string quartet

Inspired by Italo Calvino’s series of Harvard Lectures Six Memos for the Next Millennium, each of the nine sections explores a different musical metaphor: light, weight, arabesque, multiplicity, transparency, intensity, fire, stillness, velocity.


Of Crossed Destinies

for solo harp

Taking its title from Italo Calvino’s The Castle of Crossed Destinies, the work consists of three ‘tales’ enclosed by a frame. All the tales share melodic figures and harmonic progressions, yet have different characters and directions. The whole work is constrained by a sombre mode.


Pas de deux

for viola and piano

In six movements, each exploring distinctive acoustic properties of the instruments in a dance of delicate sonorities.


Two Pieces

for oboe and piano

The first movement exploits the microtonal and lyrical capabilities of the Howarth-Redgate oboe surrounded by ethereal piano sonorities. With the second movement, the instruments pursue independent rhythmic paths racing towards some unseen goal.



for solo oboe

Inspired by the coastline of County Durham, Zechstein is a tranquil contemplative work exploiting the vast range of multiphonics discovered by Christopher Redgate on the new Howarth-Redgate oboe.


Paul Alan Barker

Hello Mr. Darwin

an opera for children

Premiered Burdett-Coutts Primary School, London, John Savournin and Belinda Evans with musical director Derek Carden. The story involves Charles Darwin’s encounter and discoveries about animals on a distant island and some disagreements with his wife…


Loplop Dances

for two pianos

Loplop was one of the important characters in Max Ernst’s graphic collage novel, La Femme 100 têtes. Premiere: Foro Internacional de Música Nueva “Manuel Enriquez”, México City.



three songs with words and music

Three songs from The Ballad of My Nipple for voice and piano.


My Voice and Me

a melodrama for pianist, soprano and synthesiser

Premiered on Crest Roadshow as installation; performed live at Woodend House, Scarborough, UK.



concerto for piano and strings

Inspired by the Natya Shastra is an ancient Indian treatise on theatre, dance and music. May be performed by solo pianist with either a string quintet or a small string orchestra. An ideal performance would include a dance performance, to reflect its theme.


El Progreso de Pedro

for piano solo

Commissioned by Ana Cervantes inspired by the novel Pedro Paramor by Juan Rulfo. This ten minute work portrays a series of events or encounters which, it is hoped, leave more unsaid than explained.


Three Inventions

for violin and piano

Reworkings of material from operas and other works originally for other instruments. Extravert little pieces with a strong sense of rhythmic drive.


The Mirror

an operatic sketch

Inspired by Chapter 58 of Dumas’s novel, The Count of Monte Christo, an early description of “locked-in syndrome”, he communicates only with his grand-daughter, Valentine, who has had the patience to learn how to interpret his eye-movements, which are the only part of his body he is now able to control.


Three Musical Moments

for clown and pianist

A series of six pieces that should be performed by a clown and a pianist


Three Songs in Limited Tonality

for solo piano

Exercises in tonal management. “How long could I keep music interesting without ever changing harmony? They grew out of some fascinating playing I did with my friend, the Tagorean singer Sasha Ghoshal”.


The Sorceress’ Tale

an entertainment in homage to Henry Purcell

The story behind the story of Dido and Aeneas. From the Sorceress’ point of view. Text by composer, designed as a companion work to Purcell’s opera. Commissioned by the London Festival Orchestra, with funds from Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust.


Martin Bussey

Children of Adam

Settings of Walt Whitman for baritone and piano

1. The Mystic Trumpeter
2. As Adam
3. We too, how long we were fooled
4. When lilacs last in the dooryard bloomed
5. Joy, shipmate, joy

More about this release…


Gordon Crosse

Fourth Symphony

for orchestra

In Memory of my Wife, Elizabeth, who died June 2011.



concertante for horn and string orchestra

To My Beloved Wendy.


Papay Sonata

three movements for clarinet and piano


Symphony No.5

for orchestra

To Mark and Marc.


St. Boniface : Sunset

for violin and piano

The 8th Century Church of St Boniface is perched on the rocky north-west coast of Papa Wedtray. It is the oldest church in Orkney in use until the 1920s and refurbished in the 90s.


String Quartet Six

Shining Holme

In memory – Gael Mosesson.


Joe Cutler

Just Passing Through

for solo piano and ensemble

Commissioned by Seoul National University.

For Jong Hwa Park.


Emily Doolittle

Palouse Songbook

for flute and piano

Exploring the endangered landscape of the Palouse in the Pacific Northwest of the United States drawing on the songs of the 150 bird species regularly found there.


Christopher Fox

für Johannes Kepler

for voice, viola and sine-wave keyboard

Texts by Johannes Kepler. Commissioned by Trio Scordatura and premiered by them at Transit Festival, Leuven, October 25 2008.



for 1, 2, 3 or 4 singers

Commissioned by the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, with support from The Culture Capital Exchange; premiered by students of the Guildhall, Courtauld Gallery, London, 8 March 2012.


20 Ways To Improve Your Life

for six solo voices (AATTBB)

Texts based on small ads and spam email. Written for The Clerks; premiered by them, Spitalfields Festival, 14 June 2008.


Brian Inglis


for clarinet in Bb, violin, cello and piano

This piece aims to critique and subvert the genre by contrasting lyricism with a more violently assertive element.


Rondeau – Chocuna

for solo violin

A work responding to the expressive challenges of Bach’s D minor solo violin chaconne, and its re-imagining in Berio’s Sequenza VI for solo viola (1967), whilst also incorporating the spirit of the dance.


Symphony No.1

for orchestra

Commissioned by City University Symphony Orchestra for its 1994-95 season. Japanese gagaku court music and medieval plainsong and organum are its principal sources of inspiration.


Catherine Kontz

Tea Ceremony

for solo harp

Consisting of 40 small squares containing musical instructions and information for the harpist. The layout of the score is based on Japanese Manga-comics and allows for alternative readings of the material.


Jalalu-Kalvert Nelson


for chamber orchestra

A kind of concerto for chamber orchestra. Highly rhythmic and spirited, working with the concept of games and play.


Handwriting on the Wall

for solo violin and solo clarinet with ensemble and pulse tape

Composed in response to the falling of the Berlin Wall in 1989, against the building of all walls that keep people in or keep people out. It was premiered at Symphony Space, New York Dec, 10, 1989.



for piano trio


Richard Pantcheff

Evening Canticles – ‘St. George’

for unison voices and organ

Opus 85, No. 7. Evening Canticles written for the Choir of St. George’s Anglican Church, Johannesburg, South Africa.


Mass of St. George (Latin Edition)

for unison voices and organ

Opus 85, No.6. Commissioned for the Choir of St George’s Anglican Church, Johannesburg.



for contrabassoon and piano

Opus 58. Written for the late Inge Hadorn, and premiered by her with Mark Baker (piano) at St. Peter’s College, Johannesburg.


A Sequence for St. George

for solo organ

Opus 84.Written for the dedication of the new Rieger organ at St. George’s Anglican Church, Johannesburg, South Africa.



for bassoon and piano

Opus 69. Written for Penny Fraser, Chief Bassoonist of the Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra.


Suite on South African Folk Tunes

for trumpet and organ

Written for Jane Parker-Smith and Jevon O’Donovan.


Suite on South African Folk Tunes

for flute, viola and piano

Arranged for Bridget Rennie-Salonen, Lizzie Rennie, and Janine Neethling (‘Trio with a Twist’).


The ‘Whitchurch’ Evening Canticles (Unison Voices Version)

for unison/solo voices and organ

Opus 7. Commissioned for the Choir of All Hallows Church, Whitchurch, Hampshire.


Robert Peate

Three Dancing Movements

for chamber orchestra

Conceived as a dance/ballet score as much as a purely instrumental work. The first movement is an energetic and eccentric dance featuring sporadic rhythms and irregular meters. The slower ‘Pastorale’ was recycled from part of an old tone-poem, and is more romantic in style. The third is a kind of ‘rondo scherzando’ with an insistent triplemeter and skittish character.


Colin Riley

On The Sheltering Bars

for soprano and ensemble

1 . Upon the Sharp Edges of the Night (text Amy Lowell)
2. Fire Roses (text Cynthia Fuller)
3. I Suspect (text Lynn Peters)
4. At 3a.m. (text Wendy Cope)
5. M y Bed (text Ann Gray)
6. A Big Event (text Sophie Hannah)
7. The Longing of the M eat Trade (text Selima Hill)
8. The M or ning After (text Fiona Pitt-Kethley
9. After Love (text M axime Kumin)


Linda Catlin Smith


for string trio

As featured on the CD release by Louth Contemporary Music Society (more…)


Marc Yeats

adam’s grave

for clarinet quintet

A distillation of many and varied thoughts whilst talking in the area around the eponymous Neolithic long barrow in Wiltshire.


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