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29 November 2021 Comments Off on Marc Yeats Solo and Ensemble Album Release Views: 646 CE News

Marc Yeats Solo and Ensemble Album Release

We are delighted to share the news of the first of a number of albums, produced through Polytempo Records, focusing on Marc Yeats’ solo and ensemble compositional output. 

solo and ensemble music: volume 1 brings together eighty-four minutes of solo and ensemble pieces created between 2014 and 2021 that showcase new developments and thought in Yeats’ compositional output particularly concerning polytemporal composition, that is, music where two or more instrumentalists perform using independent, different tempi simultaneously. Recordings include ‘liquid music for ensemble’ (2019), a compressed ‘concerto’ for clarinet and ensemble; ‘streaming’ (2014), for solo alto flute; ‘cutouts for ensemble’ (2017), an ‘entanglement’ for violin and ensemble; ‘comforted by a static bond’ (2021), a duo for two alto flutes; ‘obscure sorrows’ (2019), for clarinet and violin; and the unimportance of events (2020) for seventeen players. 

These recordings also feature an array of dazzling performers including Gleb Kanasevich (clarinet), Carlton Vickers (quartertone alto flute), Daniele Colombo (violin), Carla Rees and Karin de Fleyt (Kingma System quartertone alto flutes) Geert Callaert (piano), Caleb Herron (percussion) and Dirk Amrein (trombone), among many others.

The download comes with 20-page PDF liner notes.

Released on November 25, 2021.

All works are available from Composers Edition.

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