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28 April 2021 Comments Off on Marc Yeats Premières at Tectonics Glasgow and with Ian Pace Views: 290 CE News

Marc Yeats Premières at Tectonics Glasgow and with Ian Pace

Marc Yeats’ the unimportance of events (2021) for 22-players is receiving its World Premiere!

This work was recorded by the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra on 28 April 2021 at City Halls, Glasgow as part Tectonics 2021. The recording will be broadcast on BBC Radio 3 on Sunday 9 May and also be available on the Tectonics website for 30 days after the broadcast.

An earlier version of the unimportance of events. The 2021 version, for 22 players, will be published in due course after its premiere.

As with all my compositions, the title of the piece does not imply any programmatic intent. It was chosen for poetic reasons and is used only as an identifier.

the unimportance of events for 22-players uses a new polytemporal composition and performance approach called timecode-supported polytemporal music. Using this approach, each player is treated as a soloist performing in their own simultaneous independent speed, enjoying unique temporal, expressive and interpretive freedoms. No conductor is used to hold the performance together and the music is not written in a score. It is, however, performed from through-composed, fully notated instrumental parts.

It uses a system of organisation that holds instrumentalists and structure together using timecode (minutes and seconds printed above every bar in all instrumental parts that mark the passage of time throughout the piece) read in conjunction with the rolling timecode displayed on each players’ loosely synchronised mobile phone stopwatch. Players mediate their performances so that both timecodes approximately match up when playing to create renditions that though similar, will never be exactly the same twice.

Marc Yeats

Watch this conversational video to find out more about timecode-supported polytemporal composition: 

Also, Marc Yeat’s cold kitchen hill (2019), a 40-minute work for piano will be premiered by Ian Pace on Friday 28 May in a recital to a small socially-distanced audience at City University London, beginning 6:30pm and also live-streamed. A link to the event will be available nearer to the date.

Cold Kitchen Hill is an area of chalk upland directly north of Kingston Deverill in the county parish of Brixton Deverill, Wiltshire. Any or no relationship between the title and the sounding music is forged at the discretion of the composer and the listener. cold kitchen hill is dedicated to my friend and colleague, Ian Pace.

Marc Yeats

The plans for this recital are all subject to no significant changes in government policy as affect such events. The programme also includes works by James Dillon, Michael Spencer, Franz Liszt and Ian Pace.

It has become necessary to postpone this concert till later in 2021. The organisers apologise for an inconvenience and disappointment caused.

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