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27 June 2019 Comments Off on Liz Lane’s Amazing June Views: 521 CE News

Liz Lane’s Amazing June

June has been a really incredible month for Liz Lane and for fans of her music!

On Wednesday 26 June Luke Pallister performed Liz Lane’s new piece The Eagle at the Arnolfini Bristol as part of a UWE Bristol (University of the West of England) Computer Science and Creative Technologies Research Day, where Liz Lane is Senior Lecturer in Music Technology – Composition and Performance.

The Eagle is inspired by the Indian tawny eagle synonymous with the world renowned International Centre for Birds of Prey, Newent and in the 50th anniversary year of landing on the moon, the name of the lunar module, ‘eagle’. The music broadly depicts an eagle’s soaring take-off, flight and landing. Towards the end it pays homage to the iconic space event, with a cornet melody which sets the words of a sign left on the moon by the astronauts: “Here men from the planet Earth first set foot upon the moon July 1969, A.D. We came in peace for all mankind”.

Liz Lane, Luke Pallister and Alison Howell in relaxation moment before The Eagle premiere

On Saturday 29 June Steven Mead will be recording Robin, Robin (previously performed several times by Dave Thornton in Malta, UK and US, also John Sparey in the US) with Brighouse and Rastrick Band – the number 1 brass band in England.

The song Robin, Robin was originally written for soprano and piano in 2013, and recorded by Belinda Evans (soprano) with Stephen Marquiss (piano) to help raise funds for Yeovil Hospital’s Flying Colours Appeal. It was then adapted at the request of David Thornton (euphonium) and first performed with Ruth Webb (piano) at Casino Maltese, Valetta, Malta in 2017 and has subsequently received several more performances, including in the USA.

Words written by Jennifer Henderson trace a robin’s journey through the seasons: Spring – ‘fearless and bold’, Summer – ‘a bird with attitude’ through to Autumn – ‘when other birds fly away, you’re loyal’. The robin’s song can be heard throughout in short interludes on the euphonium, finishing with Winter – ‘what do I care if the ground is hard? I’ll be tweeting my greeting from a Christmas card’.

On Sunday 30 June Cory – the number 1 brass band in the world – will be performing Liz Lane’s Grand Union Waltz at the Cory Composition Competition where Lane will be running student workshops and is also a judge

The Grand Union Waltz was written for the wedding of Tracey King and Trevor Moss, friends and members of Lydbrook Band. The main themes are based around notes chosen by the bride and groom. The title (inspiration of Nigel Howard, principal trombone) represents both the occasion of their marriage and a shared love of narrow-boating, the Grand Union Canal being the longest canal in Great Britain.

Composers Edition is delighted to be part of Liz Lane’s musical world, publishing her music scores, which are available for purchase through our website.

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