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31 January 2020 Comments Off on Liz Lane ‘Innovation 216’ performance under Concorde Views: 884 CE News

Liz Lane ‘Innovation 216’ performance under Concorde

Liz Lane

Liz Lane’s Innovation 216 will be performed for the first time under the wings of Concorde 216 – the aircraft that inspired the piece – on Saturday 15 February. 250 performers including four brass bands and five choirs aged 7-70+ are involved in this musical extravaganza: the brass will be downstairs and the choirs on the mezzanine, by the last Concorde ever to fly.

Innovation 216 was commissioned in 2016 by Bristol Cultural Development Partnership in conjunction with St George’s Bristol and celebrates 100 years of aerospace engineering in Bristol and particularly Concorde. It uses a few special effects such as the Doppler (tubular bell in water) and of course sonic boom, also a rute to emulate the early wooden planes. A motif runs though the whole work which takes on the initial’s of various Bristol aerospace companies (BAC) and incorporates words by members of the industry as well as lyricist Jennifer Henderson.

Liz Lane

Some responses to the first performance at St George’s Bristol in 2016

“an immersive, memorable and moving love letter to Bristol’s aviation story…. stunning brass writing” 

 “The melodies continue to run through my head and it was a truly inspirational piece that made for a very fitting tribute to aviation in Bristol.” ​

“It was thrilling…. It’s a beautiful piece, deceptively simple, cumulatively rich.” ​

“Innovation 216 was a wonderful sound and so effective….”  

“Once again I am deeply jealous of all those soaring themes…. *sigh*…” 

Innovation 216 received two further performances in 2018 at the invitation of St George’s so this is the fourth. The work also exists as a standalone brass band version and is proudly published by Composers Edition.

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