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Liz Lane and Clare Hammond

31 July 2019 Comments Off on Liz Lane ‘Ballad’ is premiered by Clare Hammond Views: 557 CE News

Liz Lane ‘Ballad’ is premiered by Clare Hammond

Acclaimed pianist Claire Hammond premiered Liz Lane’s Ballad for piano last month at Tetbury Goods Shed, a fabulous new arts centre in Tetbury.

Liz Lane tells us a nice backstory to the performance:

It was a world premiere – but I actually wrote the music about 11 years ago. Our local pub held a promises auction and I offered to write a new piece of music for a special occasion. The landlady bid for it for her and the landlord’s wedding – and I wrote it based around their initials and also their daughter’s. Unfortunately soon after they split up!!!

Ballad is proudly available through Composers Edition and nkoda alongside other works by Liz Lane.

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