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30 November 2020 Comments Off on Liz Dilnot Johnson ‘InsideOut Musician’ Project Views: 283 CE News

Liz Dilnot Johnson ‘InsideOut Musician’ Project

Liz Dilnot Johnson – photo by Peter Searle

InsideOut Musician, a new initiative in which Liz Dilnot Johnson is involved, has just been launched!

This is a brand new online community dedicated to helping musicians and like-minded creatives continue to practice and share their art in these challenging and uncertain times.

Liz Dilnot Johnson tells us how it all began:

Early in 2020 I saw myself and musicians around me in a state of crisis, with no paid work, no incentive to keep playing or creating, no new opportunities and no easy way of collaborating effectively with others. So along with a team of friends and colleagues I began experimenting with innovative ways to collaborate, teach and share performances online. InsideOut Musician was born.

Behind InsideOut Musician is a small highly experienced team working internationally across a spectrum of musical genres. We all began our musical lives as string players and we have each sought to enhance our creative voices in unique ways.

Liz Dilnot Johnson

The InsideOut Musician team invites you to explore their website, connect and share. The new website is filled with courses and resources and details of how to book for InsideOut Musician’s first event coming up this December: an InsideOut Ceillidh!

You can sign up to InsideOut Musician newsletter so you can be kept up to date with their latest and events. Also, join InsideOut Musician online community by following them on social media: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

If you’d like to support their GoFundMe Bursary Fund to support musicians and students at InsideOut Musician you can donate here.

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