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Vic Hoyland

30 May 2020 Comments Off on Listen Online to Vic Hoyland ‘This One for Joan’ & ‘For Derek John Benton; because’ Views: 299 CE News

Listen Online to Vic Hoyland ‘This One for Joan’ & ‘For Derek John Benton; because’

Further to the update on 31st March 2020 regarding plans for performances of Vic Hoyland’s piano works This One For Joan, Books 1 & 2, all works in both books have been recorded by Vic’s agent Derek John Benton, as a means to celebrate theses pieces and allow all the opportunity to listen to them at this moment.

The Book 1 pieces (13 in total) as well as being great for education and learning of pianists make a great whole, with a feeling of connectedness throughout their 30 minutes duration. The Book 2, comprises 8 pieces which are longer and more technically demanding and draw upon Hoyland’s musical past and experience, with reference to earlier works as well as references to Book 1, thus unifying the whole cycle. There are plans underway to work with a choreographer to perform alongside the entirety of Book 1.

Vic Hoyland This one for Joan Book 1
Vic Hoyland This one for Joan Book 2

Vic’s copyist Paul Roberts has also been working in the production of the parts for For Derek John Benton; because, so that they can be reviewed by performers whilst plans are underway for Vic’s 75th birthday concert in December 2020, where the work will be premiered.

Derek John Benton and Vic Hoyland in York

Both Paul and Vic’s agent, Derek have produced recordings of the piece using music software, as a means to bring the music to life, and so others are able to enjoy Vic’s masterpiece. Derek’s version includes a haunting voice sound without words, whilst in Paul’s he has creatively used instrument sounds to replace the voices.

They both give a brilliant idea of the fantasy and reach of this celebratory work. There are hidden and blatant references to music from over the ages – from ancient Greece and Medieval France through to 20th century Europe, USA, Vic’s work and beyond. This is a true masterpiece and we are looking forward to hearing the first “real” performance in December.

It is a major work , celebrated even before its 1st performance. Beat that!

Vic Hoyland

The composer suggests following the full-score, which is available through Composers Edition website.

Vic Hoyland For Derek John Benton; because. Produced electronically by Derek John Benton
Vic Hoyland For Derek John Benton; because. Produced electronically by Paul Roberts

Well, I can tell you it was really enjoyable doing that. There’s so much variety in it, ranging from Machaut to Boulez. The section from fig 6 has affinities with the soundworld of Le marteau. For the soprano skat, I tried out electric guitar blended with a special synth voice and jazz saxophone …
I think the flute solo after fig. 32 is amazing, and I imagine Derek will make it really brilliant in performance. Then what about the moment when it really goes wild at fig. 38.
The really difficult bits might encourage the players to play without inhibitions when they know in advance what they have to unleash.
The applause sounds genuine enough, but at the première it will last forever with lost of cheers and whistling too.
There’s not much new music being written like that these days” …

Paul Roberts

Meanwhile Vic Hoyland has been keeping creative and his new arrangement of E Si Fussi Pisci (for Mezzo, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Mandolin, Flute & Vibraphone) is now published & available. This will be premiered in his December birthday concert.

Composers Edition is proud to present a catalogue of Vic Hoyland’s music, available for perusal and purchase through our website.

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