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3 May 2016 Comments Off on Laurence Crane and Richard Emsley premieres at Tectonics, Glasgow Views: 1336 CE News, Composers

Laurence Crane and Richard Emsley premieres at Tectonics, Glasgow

Great to see not one but two BBC commissioned orchestral world premieres for Composers Edition at Tectonics Glasgow this coming weekend!

Ilan Volkov will be conducting the mighty forces of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra for performances of Laurence Crane’s Cobbled Section after Cobbled Section and Richard Emsley’s Strange Attractor on Saturday 7th May, 7.15pm at The Old Fruit Market and Grand Hall, Glasgow. The programme also features premieres for Howard Skempton (Piano Concerto, John Tilbury), Jessika Kenney and Catherine Koontz.

Crane-cropped_1Laurence Crane on Cobbled Section after Cobbled Section

“This piece continues my interest in examining relationships between disparate musical objects. In common with my Chamber Symphony No.2 it explores the possibility of putting these objects on top of each other.”


Richard-Emsley-2-web_1Richard Emsley on Strange Attractor 

“An ‘attractor’ is a geometric representation of oscillatory behaviour such as a swinging pendulums.  Some of these representations such as Lorenz’ ‘strange’ or ‘chaotic’ attractor, are unrelated to reality, existing only as mysterious mathematical abstractions. How does this relate to my piece? By imaginative association between the music’s never-resolving oscillations and the haunting, butterfly-like images of ‘strange attractors’.”

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