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25 November 2021 Comments Off on Laurence Crane 60 with Juliet Fraser & Mark Knoop at Music We’d Like to Hear Views: 292 CE News

Laurence Crane 60 with Juliet Fraser & Mark Knoop at Music We’d Like to Hear

Laurence Crane © Benjamin McMahon

The last concert of the Festival of Laurence Crane will take place on Friday 3 December as part of the Music We’d Like to Hear series, with Laurence’s new work, Natural World performed by Juliet Fraser and Mark Knoop.

The Festival of Laurence Crane is a series of events that have been co-ordinated by Juliet Fraser, to mark Laurence’s 60th birthday year.

In this context of Laurence Crane celebrations, Jennie Gottschalk highlights how Laurence’s work has also inspired so many works and programmes by other artists. See in her blog sound expanse a Laurence Crane Tribute Playlist and a short interview with Juliet Fraser and with Christian Drew.

Laurence himself tells us the experience of this year of musical festivities:

It has been a great experience for me and a real honour to have this special focus on my work during 2021. I have enjoyed working again with longtime collaborators Apartment House, EXAUDI and Plus-Minus Ensemble, as well as with Juliet herself, and her duo partner Mark Knoop. It was also quite an experience to have a symposium devoted to my work, and to enjoy a lovely concert of pieces written specially for the occasion by students past and present; these two events in October, as well as the Plus-Minus Ensemble concert at Milton Court in London, were supported by the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

My new work Natural World is the longest piece that I have composed for the concert hall. Lasting approximately 50 minutes, it is written very specifically for these two performers, with Mark using a sampler keyboard and Juliet also playing her own portable Casio keyboard. In common with a number of my other works for voice, Natural World continues my preoccupation with the poetic qualities of factual, list-based texts. My work is also partly a response to the work of the American marine biologist Rachel Carson. Natural World and Lara Agar’s This Unquiet Autumn, which also responds to Carson and will also be performed in this concert, are the first two pieces to be completed for a project titled ‘The Carson Commissions’, which was initiated by Juliet Fraser.

Laurence Crane

Composers Edition effusively congratulates Laurence Crane!

We are proud to publish a range of Laurence Crane’s work, and look forward to adding Natural World to our catalogue in due course.

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