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28 February 2018 Comments Off on Latimer ‘Antiarkie’ selected for World Music Days Festival 2018 Views: 1171 CE News

Latimer ‘Antiarkie’ selected for World Music Days Festival 2018

Ryan Latimer Antiarkie for orchestra

Ryan Latimer Antiarkie for orchestra

Originally composed for the BBC Symphony Orchestra as part of the Sound and Music ‘Embedded Scheme’, Ryan Latimer’s Antiarke has been selected by the ISCM to feature in this year’s World Music Days Festival in Beijing.

About Antiarkie:
The title refers to the composer, Scott Bradley, famous for his exuberant Tom and Jerry scores, who despite being from Arkansas was careful to point out he was not in fact an ‘Arkie’ – a diminutive term for a migrant worker from the state. There is also a suggestion of the Greek word ‘archi’, meaning authority or establishment. Considering Bradley spent much of his career as a relative outsider, dedicated to his own niche corner of the industry whilst remaining well in-tune with the ‘serious’ developments occurring within the European avant-garde, the invented term Antiarkie (read Anarchic) seems a suitably playful homage to his legacy.

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