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18 June 2018 Comments Off on Kirsty Devaney LSO Commission Premiere Views: 1036 CE News

Kirsty Devaney LSO Commission Premiere

In the tenth year of this ground-breaking programme, the LSO and its East London partner organisations put music, creativity and community centre-stage once again, as over 150 young musicians and the full might of the London Symphony Orchestra explode onto the Barbican stage. Kirsty Devaney along with James Moriarty, have been commissioned to write new pieces for the LSO to be premiered at the Barbican on Thursday 5 July 2018.

Schools will be visited by a composer during the course of writing a new piece for the LSO, giving students an insight into the process of composing new music and for an orchestra. In addition, composers will write elements into their piece which allow for students to perform in the piece alongside the orchestra on stageElim Chan will be conducting the LSO, with rhythm and dance being the threads tying together music by Beethoven, John Adams and three brand new works.

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